• Quang Nguyen Da Lat Co. Ltd specializes in manufacturing and supplying tissue culture flowers.
  • Initially, in 2011, seeing the needs of the people and the ability to develop, Mr. Pham Phong Hai established a tissue culture room. The scale of the establishment is still small, only about 4 employees working on basic equipment: 4 transplanters, 1 small autoclave, … The establishment specializes in producing and supplying seedlings for the domestic market (salem, daisy, gerbera, orchid …).
  • In 2015, due to the high demand for seedlings, the facility expanded the area of the lab to 300 m2 and 300 m2 for nursery. Human resources increased from 4 to 8 workers, machinery and equipment were also equipped to meet production needs.
  • By 2017, the establishment officially cooperated with Allplant — the Netherlands (A company that provides seedlings in the international market). On that foundation, Quang Nguyen Company was officially born in March 2017.
  • The company has expanded both human resources — with a team of highly specialized, experienced biotechnology engineers and equipment to meet the production process: 60 workers, 25 cabinets, 2 autoclaves 300 liters, air-conditioning systems, lighting systems,… Currently, Quang Nguyen operates strongly in both fields of domestic plant production, and trees exported to European countries such as the Netherlands, the US, France, Australia… Besides, we are still learning more to expand the market.

List of Product

Domestic Product

1 Gerbera
2 Limonium
3 Strawberry


Export Product

Aconitum Daphne Helleborus Persicaria
Actaea Echinacea Hesperaloe Rheum
Agapanthus Ficinia Heuchera Rudbeckia
Anemone Gentiana Heucherella Sedum
Astrantia Geranium Kniphofia Senecio
Bergenia Geum Leucanthemum Stokesia
Brunnera Hakonechloa Lewisia Thalictrum
Carex Helenium Papaver Nandina

Quang Nguyen Da Lat Co. Ltd

With the motto: ” Prestige creates the brand, Quality creates reputation”, bringing outstanding products to customers.

Our commitment

Prestige: We always put the prestige on top, in all business activities that Quang Nguyen Company aims at.
Quality: We are committed to producing seedlings by tissue culture method from disease-free mother seed, which will help plants grow and develop well, with high quality uniform, good resistance to pests and diseases.
Timeliness: We understand the importance of timing seed to ensure timely delivery of saplings to customers.
Honesty: In all contract transactions in general and in all work in particular, all of our employees work in the spirit of honesty, goodwill and respect.
Support: We provide dedicated professional support and advice to our customers, not only before and while working together, we can also provide support after the contract is completed.
Innovation: We are committed to creating, innovating every day, researching and expanding plant varieties with more outstanding features, in order to increase crop productivity. We are always looking for continuous improvement.